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A recipe for success !

Taste Cusine is a brand thats become a family favorite in countless homes across countries in 5 continents. And that is because, like all things delicious, it comes with the right mix of ingredients.

The experience comes from the backing of our sister concerns, G.Mount, Hi-Fortune Research Laboratories and Usman Flour & General Mills, leading names in trading and manufecturing for over 6 decades with a diverse product portfolio ranging from rice, wheat and flour to pharmaceuticals. in-depth market knowledge comes about through extensive surveys to find out consumer preferences, competition and quality standards. Expertise comes in the form of skilled human resource and the technical support of state-of-the-art equipment from the world's leading manufecturers. Excellence comes from stringent quality control, geared to meet international standards. And finally, the taste comes from putting in only the finest ingredients to give you a brand you can trust and love.

We, at Taste Cusine, believe that when you put all these ingredients together, you're sure to come up with a recipe for success!

Get tied up in the taste of our spaghetti !

Italian cuisine is one of the most beloved of the world's great cuisines. Its greatness lies in its simplicity which manages to reach gourmet heights. At the very core of Italian cooking is the insistence that food be fresh, and that the cook experiment with taste, color and texture. And nothing says Italian better than spaghetti.

Our spaghetti is made from the world 's best golden wheat, specially selected and processed, under stringent quality standards, to bring you the best possible product to tempt your taste buds. So whenever you eat your spaghetti rolled around your fork, or play wiht long trailing ends, you can be sure that with Taste Cusine, you'll be getting a meal that is not only delicious, it's also healthy and nutritious!

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Discover the magic of macaroni !

Whether its curly, straight, bent, twisted, thick, thin, monochromatic or colorful, there is nothing like the taste if a delicious macaroni meal. And whats more, we make it simple and fast. Our slow drying manufacturing technology seals in the freshness of natural ingredients to give it a great taste and a cooking time of 6-8 minutes. this mean that you can have a healty, nutritious and delicious meal ready in the shortest time possible!

So whether you follow your grandmother's secret recipe, or create one of your own, our macaroni offers you the freedom to create cuisine that will melt hearts and tantalize taste buds.n

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